INM places product teams in large companies to discover, design, and build digital products based on customer insights. Our products engage customers to drive business results.


Leveraging a team of product strategists, user experience designers, and developers allows you to:

  • Extract insights directly from your customers to inform new business opportunities
  • Rapidly design, test and iterate on prototypes with the customer
  • Monitor and improve builds after releases
  • Save the organization from costly and ineffective builds
  • De-risk projects early on with frequent prototype testing

Working With Us

INM would be embedded in-house, working with IT, Product Managers, and the Innovation team. Collectively, we would agree on product backlogs and work in weekly sprints across all business units. Engagements are for 12 months minimum, beginning with a 3 month trial period.

Example Engagements:

  • Product Design Sprints
  • Customer Insights Study
  • Zero to First Release
  • UI/UX Product Audit
  • Fill a gap until an internal team is hired
  • Staff augmentation with existing internal team

Relevant Work


For 18 months, INM served as the on-site product development team for the release of the first online video network for the $200B (annual) tween and teen market. The platform launched with 500,000 users and hosted over 10,000 pieces of unique content.


For two years, INM served as the augmented product development team which designed and developed a concierge travel experience.

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